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Characteristics of the song

Reference: C-04702
Breton title (standardized): Burzhud an dud savetaet e peñse ar « Victoire »
French title (standardized): Miracle des passagers sauvés lors du naufrage de la « Victoire »
Author (standardized): Le Gillard (Guillaume Marie)
Composition date: 1855-04-26
Type: Verse
Language: Breton


Details of the song

Title: Recit Deus eur vatimant hanvet Victoar, partiet deus an Havr ar bevoarvet a vis even 1854, a perisset en coste enesen Flor an Assoriou, pemp cant leo deuz an Havr. - An dud man a so bed soveteet dre eur miracl.
Author: Guyon ar Guillard
Structure: 34c 4v
Tune: Judith ac Holophernez

Published on broadsheets

  • Reference F-03848 - unique song of the print -

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