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Characteristics of the song

Reference: C-04726
Breton title (standardized): Pask kentañ
French title (standardized): Premières Pâques
Author (standardized):
Type: Verse
Language: Breton



  • Variant 1: Ar Pask kenta

    Structure: 13c 4v
  • Variant 2: Ar pask kentan - Diviz etre Jezuz hag ar vugale

    Structure: 18c 4v 6p
    Tune: Jezus pegen braz e

Published on broadsheets

  • Reference F-02686 - p. 1-4 - unique song of the print - variant 2 of the title -
  • Reference F-03872 - unique song of the print - variant 1 of the title -

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