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The team working on the research, the database and the website is unpaid. It is composed of:

The team of present at the 2017 Breton language Festival in Langonnet
  • Patrick Malrieu

    Patrick Malrieu researched the collections, scanned the Broadsheets, typed the data in the database, completed the abstracts and indexed the keywords.
  • Didier Becam

    Didier Bécam designed the structure of the database on the Broadsheets and ensures the consistency of the data. He looked after the formatting of the PDFs of the Broadsheets from the original scans. He indexed the place names.
  • Nolwenn Morvan

    Nolwenn Morvan has developed this website, which is the interface between the database and the> Her website: Feel free to contact her for any inquiries.

Many thanks to our translators: Didier Bécam, Susan Eales and Mike James for English; Laurence Berthou-Bécam, Patrick Malrieu, Nolwenn Morvan and Jañ-Mai Priol for Breton.
Thanks to Laurence Berthou-Bécam for all her corrections.
Thanks to Patrick Duplenne who entered the scores allowing them to be listen in MP3 format.
Thanks also to Evelyne Henry for the graphic tips and the logo of the site.

Thank you to those who have allowed us to publish the broadsheets preserved in their archives:
  • The Abbey of Landévennec
  • The library of the Diocese of Quimper and Leon

Thanks to those who have allowed us to publish excerpts of their works in PDF or in MP3:

Thanks to all the people who have helped us, whether during the researchs or for the tests of the site.

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