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Release 10 (February 2021)

New: Audio Illustration

Christian Morvan's 78-rpm collection offers 113 songs on Popular Broadsides, corresponding to 79 standard songs.
These interpretations are varied: a-capella singing, accompanied singing, choir. They represent a sample of what was done between 1932 and 1955, often far removed from what we are used to hearing today.
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The bibliography, which was very succinct, was brought up to date. In particular, articles published between 1981 and 2020 in Musique Bretonne, Dastum's magazine, have been added. Links have been made between this bibliography, the songs, authors and publishers of Broadside.
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All 224 Broadsheets from Gwennole Le Menn's collection, made available to us by Brieg Le Menn, have been processed.
In total, this analysis identified 44 new Broadsheets mainly about religious affairs, added a new edition to 15 Broadsheets already listed, identified 58 new songs, 7 new authors (P.M. France, grand vicar; Mauny; William Jenkyn Jones, Barzig Koatnizan; Prigent, lanvilin person; Philippe, rector of Saint-Gilles-Pligeaux (1791); F.M. unidentified) and a new publisher (Tanguy-Burel in Concarneau).

The following Pdfs have been added:
- 108 Pdf from Gwennole Le Menn's collection
- 7 Pdf from Julien Cornic's collection
- 127 Pdf of Broadsheets corresponding to songs existing in Oral Tradition.

Correspondence between Broadsheets and the Oral Tradition

The identification of songs collected in the Oral Tradition that can also be found on popular broadsides continues: 74 new songs have been listed. For the 188 songs currently listed, titles and abstracts have been harmonized in both parts of the site (Broadsheets and Oral Tradition).

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